Custom living wall art & rustic decor for your home or office

Urban Garden Studio Living Wall Art

At Urban Garden Studio, we specialize in custom living wall art using plants and maintenance free moss, as well as rustic reclaimed wood projects.

We are passionate about bringing the outdoors inside. Experience a unique and calming environment with our living wall gardens, featuring soothing and meditative qualities. Made with 100% real preserved moss, ferns, driftwood and even exotic mushrooms, our living wall art offers a worry-free, zero-care indoor plant experience that stays vibrant and green for years to come.  Enjoy the calming beauty of our real live moss wall art and elevate your space with this stunning, natural decor.

Custom living wall art made up of preserved moss and lush ferns & preserved plants by urban garden studio

Living Wall Art & Custom Rustic Decor Services

Preserved living wall art utilizing preserved moss, ferns, plants, air plants, and driftwood creating a beautiful vertical wall garden..

Vertical Wall Gardens

Experience the extraordinary beauty of our live moss wall art. Calming and meditative, these stunning pieces add a natural element to any space. Made with 100% real and preserved moss and ferns, each vertical garden offers a worry-free, zero-maintenance experience. Enjoy the vibrant and lush greenery of our living wall art for years to come without any watering, replacements, or extra costs.

Corporate signage highlighted with a custom moss wall frame with logo by urban garden studio - Wall panels use a variety of preserved moss.

Moss Signage & Brand Signs

Looking to make your company stand out with a custom-designed Moss Wall featuring your logo? Our team at Urban Garden Studio specializes in creating stunning and one-of-a-kind wall designs that combine the natural beauty of real preserved moss with reclaimed wood. Our Moss Wall Logos are a unique and eye-catching way to showcase your brand, impressing clients and visitors alike.

Custom rustic barn wood console table with sliding barn doors by urban garden studio.

Custom Barn Wood Furniture

Looking for rustic and stylish furniture that brings a touch of warmth and character to your home? Look no further than our selection of barn wood furniture! Made from reclaimed wood sourced from old barns, each piece is unique and showcases the natural beauty of aged wood. Our expert craftsmen create high-quality and durable furniture that’s perfect for any home or office.

Custom Rustic Planters by Urban Garden Studio. Unique handcrafted custom distressed planters for home or business. Built to any size.

Custom Rustic Planters

Looking for stylish and durable planters to elevate your indoor or outdoor space? Our selection of Rustic Planters and New Redwood Planters offers a range of options to suit any taste and style. Made from high-quality materials like aged wood and fresh redwood, our planters are perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to your plants.

Personalized handmade reclaimed wood sign featuring a moss logo, rustic wood signs by Urban Garden Studio.

Custom Rustic Wood Signs

Our personalized wooden signs are handcrafted from reclaimed wood and can be customized with your own text, logo or design. With a rustic and charming appearance, these signs add a touch of vintage elegance to any space. Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift or just want to spruce up your own space, our custom rustic barn wood signs are the perfect choice.

SF Bay Service Area

We are located in the East Bay town of Danville and offer delivery and installation services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Custom Made

Absolutely! We can customize to your exact specifications and stain or paint them in the color of your choice.


Moss walls generally require no watering, trimming, or pruning. The only maintenance required is the occasional removal of dust, which can be done with an air spray or a soft cloth.

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The Benefits of Bringing Plants Indoors

An effective way to incorporate the natural world into your home or office is by introducing plants, succulents, preserved moss, and air plants into your living space to create living wall art.

Preserved moss walls offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice for many spaces. One of the key advantages of a moss wall is its ability to reduce noise levels, which is particularly useful in busy or noisy environments. Additionally, the calming effect of moss can help promote relaxation and reduce stress, making it an ideal option for spaces where people may be seeking a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Moss walls also offer a unique and natural aesthetic that can be customized to fit any design preference, and they require little maintenance compared to traditional living walls, as they don’t need watering or sunlight. Overall, a preserved moss wall is a versatile and attractive option for adding natural elements and a sense of tranquility to any space.

Affordable and stylish, our living wall art gardens are a unique way to make an eye-catching impression.

Customized Living Wall Art for Businesses

Whether it be a stunning moss wall art installation, your company logo, or family monogrammed letter, we can give your space an environmentally friendly focal point made from nature. For business, we can customize your signage by creating a moss covered logo. This unique approach will help your office make a fresh impression and strengthen your brand.

Personalized Living Wall Art for Homes

For home, we can bring the outdoors inside by creating a one-of-a-kind design to welcome your family and friends. We specialize in the creation of beautiful vertical wall gardens, rustic projects, and decor using reclaimed wood. 

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Materials

We believe in creating each unique and custom made piece with an inspiration based on sustainability, using eco-friendly materials. Wood is reclaimed from pallets, old barns, fences and other sources that would otherwise end up at the local dump.

Rustic House Decor and Custom Made Furniture

We don’t stop at living walls. Custom made rustic house decor and custom made barn wood furniture are also at the core of our business. We build rustic wood tables, farm style beds, reclaimed wood headboards, rustic benches, Adirondack chairs, rustic wood console tables, custom frames and planter boxes.

Tell us your idea and we will work closely with you to design and produce your perfect, unique item.